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What is a Guaranteed Value?

When you shop on Ppopki, you always get at least the value you paid for your box — and that’s guaranteed. No matter how much you choose to spend, you always get a product that matches or exceeds the price you originally paid. All items are guaranteed to equal or exceed the price of the box itself, and you can see this for yourself, every time you unbox.

How do I top-up my account?

Topping up is quick, easy and painless. Hit the top-up button and enter the amount you want to top-up. Select whichever payment method suits you best, and that’s it you’re all set to start shopping.

What payment methods are accepted on ppopki?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Zen, and Paysafe.

Can i exchange a product if I don't like?

Absolutely. Ppopki is all about giving you control over your shopping experience. If you unbox an item you don’t like, you’re allowed to exchange it instantly for Hybe Cash credit and ? points, which you can use against new boxes and digital rewards across ppopki.

What is Fairness?

Fairness is at the heart of what we do, and we don’t ask you to just take our word for it. Every step of your unboxing experience offers full transparency, setting groundbreaking new standards in fairness, compliance and customer empowerment. And since 100% of our stock is 100% verified by third-parties, you always shop with 100% confidence.

How are prices so low?

Hybe is a product discovery platform that groups together similar brands and product styles inside dozens of unique collections. Mystery is a big part of the experience you never know exactly what you’ll get, only that you’re guaranteed to get more than what you actually paid. Because of the way our platform works, we can offer groundbreaking low prices to all members, where the price you pay for top-tier items can be up to 99% less than you’d pay anywhere else.